Body as Earth

Movement is a
gateway to expression.
Expression heals
repressed emotions

Expression heals
repressed emotions.


helps our bodies to release endorphins, liberates us from fight/flight/freeze mode, restores balance to the nervous system, and serves as a valuable tool for letting go of tension and effectively managing stress.

The deepest change always involves the body

Private Sessions

Embodiment Mentorship

Private mentorship for individuals seeking personalised guidance and support in their journey of belonging with the body.

You may expect:
Bottom-up Approach: Body centric approach to healing to strengthen the mind-body connection
Trauma Informed Approach: Trauma sensitive practices will be applied and shared.
Relational Accountability: Being in relationship to a therapist during a specific period in your life can help to neutralise emotions.


Deep Time Retreats


Embodied Landscapes™

An embodied exploration enliven nature within.

A space to let the body speak before the mind. Through movement as a gateway, we’ll work with the intention to feel free in your body. 

Chloe is trauma aware and assures accessibility in movement for all bodies.

Embodied Landscapes  is created by Chloe and has been offered in Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and Thailand.

What to Expect

During the class, we will begin with a somatic (body based) awareness practice, followed by opening the spine through simple yet effective spinal flow sequence to deepen into the ease, warmth, and widening of our sense of embodiment.

Once the fluidity of the spine is open, we will activate our spatial awareness through guided prompts, and transition into an intuitive flow.

Why Should You Join

Embodiment classes and workshops are focused on sharing healing power of the body. Movement therapy acts as a bridge for all abilities and body types to deepen their relationship with their bodies, leading into healthy expression and resolution.

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Class & Event

Percussive Pulse™

Inspired by during her time as dance-resident in Senegal, West Africa, Chloe created Percussion Pulse™ which combines her embodiment class with live percussion and drum music by local musicians.

Dancing and drumming share a common ground of rhythm and movement. As seen as our inner impulses, within the cosmology, and as a way of life.


What is Embodiment & Movement ?

A Dynamic Dialogue of Body-Mind Connection

Embodiment is the practice of being fully present in your body, acknowledging its wisdom and intelligence. Movement is integral to embodiment, serving as a gateway to express emotions, release tension, and enhance the mind-body connection

In a world often dominated by cognitive or mental control, embodiment practices aim to shift the focus to a more holistic approach.

In other words, embodiment emphasizes the bidirectional relationship between the mind and body. It acknowledges that the body holds valuable information, emotions, and intelligence, and by tuning into the body’s signals, we can manage our mental states, decision-making processes, and overall well-being. Embodying a shift from mind control to a holistic integration.

This shift from mind controlling body (top to bottom) to a body integrated approach, where the body informs and guides the mind (bottom to top), is a fundamental principle in embodiment practices.

Embodiment is a journey from mind control to a harmonious integration, where movement becomes a profound tool for self-expression, emotional release, and holistic well-being allowing movements to guide our mind.

Articles on Embodiment

About Chloe Calderon Chotrani as

Embodiment Facilitator

Chloe: “I barely spoke as a young child. Later discovering, I had selective mutism. With no voice, dancing became my refuge. I did not speak to people but I could dance in front of thousands. I did not socialise, but I listened deeply to my body, and too, understood other bodies before words.

I learned ballet, excelled, and then left once I experienced judgement and shame from the Western standards of ballet. I fell in love with street dance as they embraced all flavours, colours, and sizes. I learned – not the kind of street dance you see today in studios – but the kind found in parking lots, cyphers on concrete, and break dance battles. We worked with children from the slums to bring their attention from violence and drugs into dancing and expression. Dancing went beyond economic class or social status. It taught me about community and joy – the roots of dancing. That was my world for 12 years.

"Dancing is our most ancient ceremony"

I learned West African Modern Folk Dance, from the lineage of Mama Germaine Acogny in the coast of Senegal. I learned salsa, contemporary, somatics, and experimental improvisation from downtown Gibney Dance and the underground communities of New York City. I immersed  between traditional and contemporary forms through Malay dance from p71sma and Indian Odissi dance from Chowk in Singapore.

I am akin to an octopus – I integrate all that I have learned, embody dancing beyond category, and share this wisdom with all peoples that desire to deepen their relationship with their body. No one needs to be a dancer to dance. As seen in the thousands year old rock art in caves, dancing is our most ancient ceremony.”