Body as Earth

Deep change always involves the body


For Individuals

Soma is the nectar of life. Somatics is the living body.

Biodynamic Somatic Therapy is a body-centric approach to healing chronic pain, fatigue, illness, burn-out, and anxiety. It that goes further than only a cognitive approach.

You may find nervous system regulation, and holistic re-balancing to relieve compounded stress through this gentle therapeutic approach. 

It is also a form of complimentary medical health and can support the relief of stress during intensive treatments.

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For Individuals & Groups

Embodiment is an invitation to balance to your mentally-driven life.

In a society dominated by cognitive control, embodiment guides you to rebalance the whole.

Your body is a reservoir of intelligence, emotions, and ways to navigate life. Embodiment practices through the guidance of a trained trauma-informed therapist and facilitator can help strengthen this connection with your body. 

The deepest change always involves the body.


For Facilitators

Learn effective practices in trauma sensitive languaging and approaches for conducting your classes or workshops.

A program optimised for yoga instructors, dance instructors, community leaders, and other facilitators in the realm of body and wellbeing. 


Corporates, Collaborations, festivals, events, etc.

Healing is stronger when we relate and connect as a whole.  

Chloe is skilled in the art of holding space, reading the room, listening and responding keenly to the needs of specific groups, and creating a cohesive environment for all to be seen and heard.

Invite Chloe to facilitate a holistic approach to embodiment, to be a bridge for deeper change that helps to foster strengthening relationships, create coherent ways to navigate challenges, and enliven the environment.


In this time of meta-crisis of the climate catastrophe; Chloe hopes this space will offer humanity applied interconnection by being a bridge to the body as a way to deepen connection to the earth. We can only protect the earth if we love it.