Body as Earth


a vessel for transformation


an ancient ancestor


Birthing Body as Earth

Body as Earth is the meeting of ourselves as nature.
A practice of merging body and earth as ancient ancestors.

In service to deepening our connection to the body’s cosmology as part of the wider intelligent ecological system within which we are living in.

A response to the climate collapse we witness today amidst the violent forces acting upon the earth.

Recognising that this violence is linked to profit over planet tendencies; Body as Earth aims to counter that narrative through intentional experiences that can transform our worldview by working with the body, mind, and soul.

The initial inception of Body as Earth was a small weekly gathering of women in 2019 sharing healing practices together. Those initial sessions provided a fertile training ground for what Body as Earth is today.

These digital spaces are a fragmentary node of the broader Body as Earth. We are active on the grounds than in the digital realm.

Body as Earth is about the manner in which life is lived.

2019 Gathering

Body as Earth was initiated by I,
Chloe Calderon Chotrani.
It is intended to live beyond the I.

I owe all I am to all those around me,
especially the beyond human.

I give thanks to the brutality of cities for shaping my undying love for nature.

I honour the moths that have slept beside me to keep me company.

I welcome the ancestors and allies that guide the path.

I notice the signs and omens along the way, no matter how small.

As we walk further into the destruction of climate collapse, and confront the powers that refuse to yield to the earth as a living force – I will to deepen my practice and my prayer.

Thank you for listening and for being here.
I appreciate you and this space of shared stories. I honour this relational web we continue to weave together.

“Cellular intelligence, the wisdom of the body, is intimately connected to the conscious and unconscious processes of mind and emotions. 

The body can reveal the secret, hidden, or forgotten areas of experience. 

As we learn to listen to the body in its constantly transforming expressions, we learn to know ourselves more deeply.”

Body as vessel for transformation.

Earth as an ancient ancestor.

Body as Earth is the meeting of ourselves as nature.

As a response to the climate crisis, Chloe hopes this space will offer humanity applied interconnection.

Within the creative labour of multi-disciplinary fields; from building a community, to programming for spaces centred in collective care; to designing soulful retreats; Chloe works with the pillars of racial diversity, inclusivity in community, localised support, and equitable and imaginative futures.

She moves from a deep willpower and a soulful belief that intentional creative labour rooted in harmonic balance of all elements and peoples involved will be worthy, meaningful, and impactful.