Body as Earth

Wellbeing Studios

Wellness Consultancy & Curation

For corporates, hospitality businesses such as hotels, cruises and resorts, wellness studios (spa properties and mindful spaces), arts institutions, festivals and retreats.

Curation and Consultancy services includes but not limited to organising, planning, coordinating, sourcing, and curating a diverse group of highly skilled wellness facilitators and instructors to offer high-quality and trauma sensitive wellness services in your organisation or for your businesses.

Programme implementation from planning stage, to production, and long term integration post programme.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

Chloe works with the following pillars :

  • Trauma informed, aware, and sensitive training
  • Embodiment and somatics facilitation
  • Cultural work and local ecologies
  • Racial sensitivity: diversity and inclusivity
  • Gender equity, LGBTQIA+ friendly
  • Neurodivergent awareness and application
  • Therapeutic approaches for collective dreaming

Her services and offerings respects the local cultural norms and ethics; honouring their land, customs, beliefs, and values of their community and culture.

This involves doing research to understand the local culture and its practices, engaging in open and respectful dialogue with members of the community, and being sensitive to any cultural differences.

Community building has been bedrock foundation in Chloes’ upbringing. Having grown up around direct experiences of climate destruction in the Philippines, one of the most vulnerable countries in the age of climate change. Chloe has witnessed the power of collective resilience. The way to thrive as a society is finding healthy ways to be in interrelationship with each other.

This involves values centred around racial equity, gender inclusion, transparency in communication, and process oriented approaches of building community with the greater good at heart.

She works by prioritising local ecologies with a curiosity for the ancestral knowledge of the region, to safeguard a balance of colonial or Western influences within wellness spaces. This work is reflected in her thoughtful programme curation and trauma sensitive practices training for companies, wellness practitioner, holistic health partners, and events at large.

She has worked with companies such as Banyan Tree (Singapore & Saudi Arabia), Movement Research (New York), National Gallery (Singapore), Arts Equator (Singapore), SOL Therapy: Mental Health (Singapore), and multiple independent collectives around Southeast Asia.

She has been an Fellow and Artist in Residence with Brave Earth (Costa Rica), Ecole Des Sambles (Senegal), Art OMI (New York), NTU-CCA x New Museum (Singapore/New York), Zurich Theatre Spektakle (Switzerland), Gati Dance Form (India), and more.

Most recently, she has hosted trainings for Trauma Sensitive Practices: Embodiment and Somatics for facilitators in wellness spaces to break down power dynamics within facilitator-participant environments. She has also curated facilitators and programmes for mental health clinics and wellness studios.

She is open for collaborations for events, retreats, corporates, and festivals as a facilitator, consultant or curator.

Full List of Clients

  • Artists of Colour Council, New York
  • Altered States, Singapore
  • AlUla Banyan Tree, Abu Dhabi
  • Arts Equator, Singapore
  • Banyan Tree, Singapore
  • B Supreme, London
  • Channel News Asia, Singapore
  • Chowk, Singapore
  • Evidence Dance Community, New York
  • Gati Dance Forum, New Delhi
  • Movement Research, New York
  • P7:1SMA, Singapore
  • Post-Museum, Singapore
  • Romançon Dance Company, Manila
  • Soma Clinic, Singapore
  • Terra Luna Yoga, Singapore
  • TOPAZ Arts, New York

Centre 42, Singapore

Da:ns Lab, Singapore

Dance Nucleus, Singapore

Ecole Des Sables, Senegal

Garden Gathering for Women & Children, Hong Kong

IdeasCity, New Museum and NTU-CCA, Singapore/New York

Mental Health Film Festival, Singapore

New Curriculum for Old Questions, NUS Museum, Singapore

Objectifs, Singapore

OMI International Collective, Hudson, New York

Reworlding Fellowship with Brave Earth: Center for Applied Cultural Transition, Costa Rica

Singapore International Festival of the Arts, Singapore

Zürich Theatre Spektakle, Zürich

Asia-Europe Foundation, Singapore

De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, Manila

Esplanade – Theatres by the Bay, Singapore

Ground-Up Initiative, Singapore

National Arts Council, Singapore

National Gallery Singapore

NTU – Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore

School of Oriental and African Studies, London

IdeasCity Fest (Guest curated by IdeasCity, New Museum), NTU-Center for Contemporary Art, Singapore

INDENT: The Body &The Performative, Delhi

INSIGHT: Science and Psychedelics, Berlin

Chloe extends a range of specialized services for Corporates and Collaborators, fostering a holistic approach to wellness and inclusivity. Services include Wellness Consultancy & Curation, Corporate Consultation on Decolonial Approaches for Inclusivity and Diversity, and Anti-colonial education. Embodied Landscapes cater to both communities and corporate entities, offering tailored consultations, complimentary trials, and customization options. Chloe serves as a Guest Speaker on Embodied Justice from a Global South Perspective, facilitates Embodiment Immersions in Nature for Hospitality, and lends expertise as a Guest Facilitator for Retreats, Festivals, and Events in the hospitality sector. Additionally, Chloe organizes transformative retreat experiences for hotels and resorts