Body as Earth

Selected Works

A selection of works by Chloe in collaborative settings within multidisciplinary mediums: performance, installation, film, fellowship, dance, etc.

Wonderfruit Festival 2023
Movement Embodiment facilitation

Reworlding Fellowship 2023
Brave Earth: Center for Applied Cultural Transition, Costa Rica

National Gallery Wellness Festival
Singapore, 2023
Curator and Movement facilitation

NTU-Centre for Contemporary Art
Singapore, 2020
Performance and film, An Invocation to the Earth

RNR Creative, Canada, 2020
Dancer and visual poetry, Resonate

NTU-Centre for Contemporary Art
Singapore. 2020
Residency, IdeasCity: Solidarity with Nature

Pachamama Spirit Festival
Koh Phangan, Thailand, 2020
Performance and installation

OBJECTIFS, Singapore, 2020
Artist residency, Women in Film & Photography

CNA Channel News Asia, Singapore 2019
Documentary and dance film, Reimagining The Horatio

Zürich Theatre Spektakle, Switzerland, 2019
Dance Residency, Zürich Theatre Spektakle

Esplanade Theatre, Singapore, 2019
Choreography and dance, Miss British

National Gallery, Singapore, 2019
Performance and choreography, Cassettes 100 by Jose Macéda

SG Climate Rally, Singapore, 2019
Movement facilitation, Die In

Garden Gathering, Hong Kong, 2019
Movement facilitation

Moment of Movement by Valino
Singapore, 2019
Dance film, Valé

Gati Dance Forum, New Delhi, India, 2018
Performance, Talking Third Circle

Movement Research, New York, 2018
Dance curator, Artists of Colour Council Curation

Dance Nucleus, Singapore, 2018
Dance residency, Post-colonial Tactics

Moments of Movement by Valino
Philippines, 2018
Dance film, Warms The Soul

ART OMI, Ghent, New York, 2017
Dance residency

Ecole Des Sables, Senegal, 2016
Dance residency, Acogny Technique

Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK, 2015
Installation, Labyrinth

Street Community Manila, Philippines, 2014
Dance battles, Dance Battle,