Body as Earth

Primordial Waters: Ancestor Circle

May 19, 2024 - 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

A journey where we explore our ancestral lines of blood, land and spirit, with water as a portal for ancestral connection, supported by sharing stories, altar building, offerings, and a dream journey.

Water connects us to the beginning.

We are primordial water-beings; our bodies hold deep memories of being in the amnion, of life in liquid. This is a journey where we explore our ancestral lines of blood, land and spirit, with water as a portal for ancestral connection, supported by sharing stories, altar building, offerings, and a dream journey.

What would it be like to float, and be held, in ancestral seas? What skies did your ancestors pray under? What bodies of water did they cross as they traversed migratory routes? What practices can enliven our connection with them and their wisdom? 

Living amidst capitalist-colonial structures, we are conditioned to perceive separation from the seen and unseen. Ancestral connections can be a guiding path into navigating our walk on this earth. 

In this gathering we will offer gifts to our ancestors through a communal altar, stories of our lineage to be shared and honored, movement of our bodies to make space for the ancestral fragments that live within us, and dive into a watery dream journey. 

“We live in a fluid body; our origins were in the primordial seas.

If we follow the evolutionary story, derived from fossil record and close observation, we see that our ancestors traversed through various body forms. Through all of these changes, we retained our liquid core. The amniotic fluid in the womb and our blood retain the saline content of the sea. 

Although we may think of ourselves as solid, fixed, or hard-wired, we are indeed fluid creatures, with adaptability and responsiveness as key characteristics for survival on earth.” – Andrea Olsen

About the facilitators

Salty (she/it) is an artist, educator, and akashic records practitioner. 

Intimately exploring ancestry, death, aging, the erotic, and kinship with the other-than-human. Her transdisciplinary artistic practice alchemically employs socially engaged methods, institutional critique, and subversion alongside care, humour, and a commitment to the deeply personal. Her work dances across forms such as brief one-on-one encounters, co-created meals, performances, rituals, films, conversations, publications, and community. 

Her project Baibai Research Group operates at the intersection of spirituality, ancestry and relationality. Recent research in dream visitations led to the birth of the Ancestor Dream Visitation Repository, solo exhibition across the way, and several ancestor dream circles. 

She has extensively directed and facilitated sensitive spaces in relational art projects across cultures, including in U.S. prisons, speaking to elders on intimacy, and most recently a one-year project with senior women on end-of-life matters. As artist-in-residence at 136 GOETHE LAB,  Goethe-Institut Singapore, she co-created Ancestral Tongues, an ongoing project researching Chinese dialects in hopes of a renewed relationship with ancestry.

As an akashic records practitioner, she is Cosmic Friend and has sat with querents all over the world, especially artists, womxn and queer folks. Receiving cosmic wisdom, she holds space for challenging states while working towards interconnectedness, collective liberation, and everyday magic.


Chloe is a queer Filipina-Sindhi-Singaporean therapist, facilitator, educator, dancer, and lover of the earth. She created Body as Earth, a space for connecting to belonging through the wisdom of the body — belonging by relating to the self, others, and earth as interconnected.

She works with people who experience the wound of separation between the mind-body-soul, which may come in the forms of chronic stress, anxiety, disease, pain, inflammation, and burn out. This work draws upon her mature experience in world movement arts, complementary medical health, trauma sensitive facilitation, bodywork modalities, and earth-based wisdom. 

Having come into therapy as a dancer with former selective mutism, Chloe has a strong kinaesthetic sensibility, allowing her to naturally attune to the unspoken story of the body. Cultured by personal experiences with severe anxiety, neurodivergence, and volatile environments; Chloe positions herself in service amid collective trauma, working towards liberation for all.

She responds to the meta-crisis of the current climate catastrophe by advocating for ancestral animistic practices through her labor of bridging embodied wisdom to communities. Her diverse heritage reflects a cross-cultural sensitivity and a care-based approach. 

She believes that the deeper we can connect to our bodies, the more we can connect to belonging, peace, and internal harmony to be expressed in the way we live and relate.

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