Body as Earth

Ceremonial Gatherings

Indigenous practices use ceremony as a way to honour the earth. Earth a a living entity, has a spirit, a life force. As we connect to that life force, it too enlivens our being.

Since the time of indigenous caretaking of the land, ceremony has been known to be a bridge to nature.
A way to connect us deeper to earth, not only for us.

A gesture that offers a little more heart, a little more connection with the ancient and the unconscious. It carries a prayer for the future.

As we are alive — we can acknowledge the sense of collective responsibility that comes with life.

We are not only seeking to heal individual wounds, but to heal and rebalance the whole.

About Chloe Calderon Chotrani as

Space Holder and Facilitator

Chloe respects differences and welcomes co-evolution through growing together by respecting each others sovereign path. Rooted in animistic beliefs, her spiritual services are grounded in the remembrance of Nature as Spirit, Source, God (or any other names you wish to identify with) as all encompassing.

Amidst her spiritual discipline; she is critical of spiritual bypassing, spirituality as trend or fashion, and spiritual imperialism within colonial capitalist structures. Having rooted in deep direct experiences with indigenous healers and medicines of the earth since her youth; Chloe is a guardian of earth wisdom and will continue to protect the preservation, conservation, prosperity and abundance of our ecological wealth with the utmost of transparency and ethics.

“Spirit takes the role of expression of the unknown.”