Body as Earth

Earlier this year I experienced a traumatic sexual assault incident which left me disconnected and feeling unsafe in my own body. I joined two series of Dancing Landscapes (movement therapy workshop) as part of an effort to reconnect with my own body after the incident. Through every single session, Chloe has provided a safe space for me to tune in to and listen to my body, allowing different feelings to emerge and flow every single session. Some days the session would help me release anxiety and tension in my body, and some other days it provides some much-needed grounding. Whatever came up, I always knew I was in a safe space, simply dancing along to the great tunes selected by Chloe, among all the other really nice folks in the class.

Biodynamic Somatic Therapy in Singapore

September 1 - 30, 2024

A path to reconnect with your body.

A journey towards regulating your nervous system, fostering better body awareness, and recovery.

At its core, this therapy employs gentle techniques rooted in Craniosacral dynamics, somatic awareness, and trauma sensitive practices. It aims to release compounded tension, and restore balance. 

This therapy can support re-balancing for chronic pain, fatigue, burn-out, anxiety, and, more; alongside a deeper understanding of one’s own inner embodied wisdom.