Body as Earth

In Tune at Nude Floor, Manila

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June 17: Embodied Landscapes

A space to let the body speak before the mind. Through movement as a gateway, we will work with the intention to feel safe and free in your body.

Beginning with a somatic (body based) awareness practice, followed by opening the spine through simple yet effective spinal flow sequence to deepen into the ease and warmth in the body. Once the fluidity of the spine is open, we will activate our spatial awareness through guided prompts, and transition into an intuitive guided flow to expand and deepen our embodiment practice.

If you feel called to deepen your relationship with your body, find your own flow, and widen your perspective through movement practices, Embodied Landscapes is for you.

Guided by Chloe, an experienced embodiment facilitator, and somatic therapist. She is trauma aware and assures accessibility in movement for all bodies.

June 18: Percussive Pulse

A movement workshop with the earthly support of live music. Dance and music are practices we have known since the ancients. The drum has always been a bridge to the earth, its grounding resonance helps us connect to heart beat, life force, and the earth itself.

Movements will be based on undulations and waves in nature, inspired by the fluidity of the spine as a way to open up all the gates of the body. Leading into full improvisation and an open jam for intuitive and heartfelt expression.

If you feel called to connect with the earth through your body, and dance intentionally yet freely with the support of live music – Percussive Pulse is for you. You are welcomed here.

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Biodynamic Somatic Therapy in Singapore

September 1 - 30, 2024

A path to reconnect with your body.

A journey towards regulating your nervous system, fostering better body awareness, and recovery.

At its core, this therapy employs gentle techniques rooted in Craniosacral dynamics, somatic awareness, and trauma sensitive practices. It aims to release compounded tension, and restore balance. 

This therapy can support re-balancing for chronic pain, fatigue, burn-out, anxiety, and, more; alongside a deeper understanding of one’s own inner embodied wisdom.