Body as Earth

Earthing Cacao Ceremony

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In this ceremony, we will take time to ponder upon our place within the earth through meditative contemplation, writing, movement, and being in circle.

We will connect with the deity of Criollo cacao, an heirloom seed that migrated from the Amazon to the Mayans and then the Philippines.

Alongside cacao, we will work with the medicine of eucalyptus, sound frequency, embodiment, sacred thread, and visionary meditation.

Chloe draws from her lineages as both a Tagalog (Filipina) and Indian woman, having been embraced by cacao throughout her upbringing. She comes with a deep seat in practices and plants rooted in spiritual evolution. She has sat with many indigenous elders and holds cultural sensitivity in its highest regard.

May our bond with the earth influence our depths, dreams, and desires, leading through listening.

Together in circle, may we walk each other home.

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