Body as Earth

23 Spaces

A community resource that offers twenty three spaces in Singapore to deepen your sense of embodied wellbeing, developing an earthing practice, and experiencing community connection.

Leads to Burn Out.
How do we change?

Compounded years of burn out leads to chronic (long term) issues

Functioning is crucial to our survival. Amidst distress or crisis, we find solutions quickly. It is in our DNA to have the skills to confront crisis, givens humanity’s history of war, genocide, surviving in the jungle, and evolving into who we are today. Yet, when has functioning become a way to avoid our emotions? How do we notice when we are over working to avoid our feelings?

From a Singaporean context, we grew up in an environment that rewards suffering for achievement, and grooms perfectionism. We have been conditioned to function effectively no matter the circumstances, which can be an important skill. Yet, it can also be debilitating, leading to burn out, perpetual fatigue and exhaustion even with enough sleep. Often, we feel this burn out only years later when it has been compounded.

Compounding years of burn out can be a dangerous game, leading to heart attack, chronic diseases, and bitterness and resentment. We can this notice in people who are perpetually disturbed, angry, or consistently aggressive. How do we then know when we are in the brink of burn out?

Our body is an instrument of change

Workaholic tendencies are no longer effective in the long term. What are the methods that can counter this? How do we change?

The body is our most powerful instrument of change. It is our first home, it is our first diagnosis of health, it is our internal storage bank, our information centre, and our direct pathway to connecting with ourselves more deeply.

Make space for yourself to connect to your body through Craniosacral Therapy. A gentle body based approach to therapy to relieve chronic stress.

Biodynamic Somatic Therapy in Singapore

September 1 - 30, 2024

A path to reconnect with your body.

A journey towards regulating your nervous system, fostering better body awareness, and recovery.

At its core, this therapy employs gentle techniques rooted in Craniosacral dynamics, somatic awareness, and trauma sensitive practices. It aims to release compounded tension, and restore balance. 

This therapy can support re-balancing for chronic pain, fatigue, burn-out, anxiety, and, more; alongside a deeper understanding of one’s own inner embodied wisdom.