Body as Earth

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Oceanic Body: Rituals of Deep Time – An Embodiment Retreat

Would you like to be part of our journey? We’re crafting a beautiful retreat in Philippines again for January 2024. Dates are to be confirmed. Stay connected to receive priority and early bird rates. Email Address Sign Up We respect your privacy. Thank you! We keep you informed once the dates are confirmed. Who is […]

Heartfelt experience led by facilitators who really held space

My retreat experience was immersive and inspiring. There is something grounding and nourishing about being in nature, especially when I was feeling disconnected and untethered in city life. A mindfully designed, heartfelt experience led by facilitators who really held space. Overall, a retreat I would go back for – again and again.

Reconnect with parts of myself that are forgotten

This retreat helps me to reconnect with parts of myself that are otherwise forgotten because of all the daily rush. If you want to step out of the city’s rhythm and allow Mother Earth’s pulse to recalibrate you, I recommend this retreat as an antidote.

Healing from wounds I didn’t know I had

I came in not knowing what to expect and I went back with a deeper understanding of myself, healing from wounds I didn’t know I had. I feel more centered after the retreat.

Meeting other kindred souls

I loved how Chloe prepared us mentally for the retreat and I came with an open mind and heart. It was a wonderful experience meeting other kindred souls on a similar journey. There was so much to process but at the same it was not overwhelming because we gave each other the space to journey […]

Found soul connections and a way back to myself

This retreat was transformative, kind, and loving. It’s hard to find retreats and people I can trust to hold space for mental health practitioners like me. Chloe, the rest of the team, and the whole community are deep in love and in study, and are therefore trustworthy. I have come out of this retreat reawakened, […]

To witness a way of life and being that inspires me

I was able to witness a way of life and being that inspires me. I was able to learn more about myself from observing others. Nature was stunning and healing and I am reminded of how I need to seek it out more.

Intuitive way to find home within yourself

Sensitive, joyful, nourishing, grounding solidarity building in a paradisiaque location infused with healing energies and tangible practices. Chloe is a wonderful teacher and facilitator and collaborator who has woven together a beautiful tapestry that we may drape lovingly on ourselves from time to time after the retreat. If you’ve ever felt curious about non-western healing […]