Body as Earth

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Sense of self when all of me felt seen and heard

The moment I was on the table, Chloe’s hands and presence became an invitation for the mind to quiet the chatter and join her as a collective listener to the body. In almost a meditative-like state, the process enabled my mind to map the awareness to the different parts of the body, emotions, tensions and […]

New tools and bodily awareness that I integrate myself

Chloe was thoughtful about easing the entire process for me, from inquiry about specific intentions and needs, and checking in throughout our time together. I could feel how intuitive and individualised the energy was. I loved Chloe’s gentle facilitation, she was present in both talking and moving with me through the session, allowing me to […]

Your holding has worked wonders for my psychological safety

Chloe has lightened my emotional weight by supporting me in the vast, non-judgemental space that she holds. She listens deeply, picking unique observations that make you feel that you have been understood. Thank you for making these sessions internally life-changing for me, your holding and touch has worked wonders for my psychological safety.