Lisa (b. 1978, Amsterdam) is a Dutch entrepreneur born and raised in the Netherlands with businesses in luxury retail, f&b and web development. She moved to Singapore in 2017, embarking on a transformative journey. Born to early Vietnamese Chinese boat refugees who received asylum in the Netherlands, her lineage intertwines Chinese roots with Dao ethnicity.

Lisa’s wide passions in private and entrepeneural side spans across music, structures and constructions, conscious tourism, culinary arts, web development and hospitality. Over the past decade, Lisa has been challenged with a autoimmune disease that causes hearing loss by immersing herself even more into sound and as a sound healing practitioner. Her exploration is an intersection of her classical music background as pianist, singing bowls, ocean waves, chimes, and more.

She collaborate with Chloe on retreats and workshop journeys as hostess and guiding the sound journeys.

    • red cross first aider
    • psycho social first aid
    • community based psycho social support 
    • experienced in conflict situation
    • photojournalist
    • experienced with children volunteer , CCF 
    • MoW , monitoring elderly home.. in case wha happends etc
    • TEDz
  • Sympathetic resonance 
  • schumann resonance
  • fequencys

Biodynamic Somatic Therapy in Singapore

September 1 - 30, 2024

A path to reconnect with your body.

A journey towards regulating your nervous system, fostering better body awareness, and recovery.

At its core, this therapy employs gentle techniques rooted in Craniosacral dynamics, somatic awareness, and trauma sensitive practices. It aims to release compounded tension, and restore balance. 

This therapy can support re-balancing for chronic pain, fatigue, burn-out, anxiety, and, more; alongside a deeper understanding of one’s own inner embodied wisdom.