Body as Earth

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Container of communal care

Embodied Landscapes (movement therapy workshop) with Chloe for me has been a profoundly progressive container of communal care, collective healing and an invitation of self exploration. I am so impressed at the ways Chloe effortlessly and uniquely weaves her years of embodied movement and values of being in community into an hour of deep grounding […]

Ability to make everyone feel confident in their body

Leave your inhibitions at the door and come dance. Chloe’s class is none like any other I’ve been to. If restorative movement meditation and a dance party had a baby, this would be it. She has the ability to make everyone feel confident in their body, and comfortable around others who are sharing the same […]

Soulful expression of movement

Chloe’s classes offer such a soulful expression of movement. The structure is freeing and playful. We danced as a riverine landscape flowing. Love dancing and sharing energy with all of you in her weekly classes.

Collective co-created landscape of dancing bodies

I love moving and Chloe’s classes is nothing short of amazing. With Chloe’s welcoming and empowering facilitation, I feel a deep exploration into my body’s natural movements. I was also inspired by the other participants and allowed myself to be affected, to respond to their landscapes too. It was truly a beautiful communal experience where […]

Atmosphere where you feel you’re dancing as one collective group

Chloe’s classes are wonderful experiences, and no two sessions are the same! I really enjoy the flow that Chloe facilitates, with gentle guidance throughout, yet freedom to explore your own movement and dance. My favourite part is when music builds an energetic atmosphere where you feel as though you’re dancing as one collective group. No […]

Unlearn perfection

I made myself promise to renew my relationship with my body by incorporating movement. It was a process for me to unlearn perfection, because it does not exist. I learned to focus on how I feel more than how I look. What an expansive feeling.