Body as Earth Retreats

An embodiment retreat

Oceanic Body

rituals of deep time

April 26 to 28, 2024
Sugi Island, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia

Modern way of life has coerced us towards the violence of rushing, urgency of time, and pursuit of perfection.

In the lifespan of the earth, we are a blink of an eye. In this animistic perspective, time is tectonic.

Oceanic Body: Rituals of Deep Time is a container to expand our embodied notions of time, slowing down through states of movement, collective dreaming, and returning to the rhythms of nature – where there is no rushing, but everything gets done.

With the witness of the ocean, being moved and moving with the waters of our body – we remember ourselves as expansive as that of the horizon.

As drops of the ocean, we come together as our ancestors did – to seek counsel with nature in states of deep time through storytelling, movement, sound, and circles.

Move with us for this intentional gathering.