Body as Earth

For Individuals

Anxious? Sleep deprived, Insomnia?  Find relief, ease, and holistic balanced well-being through gentle therapeutic approaches. Cultivate a connection with your body, regulate the nervous system, and access deeper states of supported rest and recovery.

For Individuals & groups

Bring balance to your mentally-driven life.
In a society dominated by cognitive control, embodiment guides you the other way. Your body is a reservoir of valuable information, emotions, and intelligence. Explore embodiment practices and experiences.


For Individuals

Do you experience separation between the mind and body? Chronic stress, anxiety, pain, trauma, or burn out?

Do you need support for body ailments or additional support for medical treatment? Is it challenging for you to receive help or to stay emotionally balanced?

This is for individuals seeking a deeper connection with their bodies, nervous system regulation, and deep states of rest and recovery.

For Individuals & groups

Embodiment classes and workshops are focused on connecting the body and the mind. Working from bottom to top, allowing the body control the mind instead of our daily lives top to bottom; mind controlling the body

Movement is therapeutic. It helps our bodies to release endorphins, it can release us from the fight/flight/freeze mode, bring the nervous system into balance, and is a tool for releasing suck or held tension, and managing stress.


For Facilitators

Learn effective practices in trauma sensitive languaging and approaches for conducting your classes or workshops.

This program is optimized for yoga instructors, dance instructors, community leaders, and other facilitators in the realm of body and wellbeing; rooted in somatic principles, the program equips facilitators with trauma-sensitive practices to embrace safety, respect, consent, boundaries, and inclusivity in their classes, workshops or events towards their participants who may or …

For Corporates & Collaborations

Chloe offers a range of services for Corporates and Collaborators, including wellness studios, hospitality, festivals, retreats, museums, cruises, and other corporate entities. As a curator, host, guest speaker and facilitator, Chloe focuses on fostering a holistic approach to enhance experiences and promote embodiment and inclusivity in diverse settings.